Devratna T20 Tournament Terms:-

Devratna T-20 Cricket League Tournament Terms:

  1. Devratna T20 Cricket tournament will be contested for Cricket Players under the age group of 16-23 years.
  2. There are participating only 5 teams in this tournament organised by Devratna TV.
  3. The 5 Teams are Delhi Hi-Riders, Ghaziabad Gladiators, and Gurgaon Game-Changers, Noida Knockers & Faridabad Fighters.
  4. Devratna T20 Cricket Tournament’s contents/news/live will be broadcasted on Sports TV News Channels, News Channels, FM Radio Channels and Social media websites.
  5. Nomination will be accepted for trials for selection only NCR Cricket Players. And they should be the students of either of the “NCR Colleges, Cricket Academies, Institutions, or Schools mandatory”.
  6. Maximum 16 Cricket Players will be selected in the final trial round for each team.
  7. Final 16 Players will be selected from internal assessment on the top performance & rating basis only.
  8. Selection of players will be just & fair in the front of selectors and committee members only.
  9. Registration Charges & Trial Charges for the cricket players are absolutely nil in this tournament.
  10. Entry Fees are INR.30, 000/- one time entry fees will chargeable for selected players only.
  11. Total 14 league matches will be played in this tournament of Devratna T20 League.
  12. Devratna T20 Cricket league tournament will be done in the month of March-2018 to May-2018.
  13. There will be total 20 tournament board members in Devratna Cricket Advisory Boards for the selection of players and establishment of the board.
  14. There will be max 10 no of Brand Partners in this tournament from all over India.
  15. Final-16 nominated/selected cricket players will play total of all 14 League matches.
  16. Total 14 league matches will be played in this tournament organized by Devratna TV.
  17. Total “14 league matches & 6 qualifying matches will be played in this tournament.

Any Changes in policy/match/schedules/terms will be available on site only. Any can be changed any time due to safety purpose so kindly check periodically the Devratna TV website. For any support you may call #+91-9811152918